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Combining a 21st century twist on the quintessentially British game of Lawn Bowls with delicious summer cocktails, exquisite street food, live music & entertainment and much much more, The Bowls Club will roll into Finsbury Square and Battersea Park this summer on 22 selected dates,  and we want you to be a part of it!

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Within the English country garden themed event space, you and your party will be welcomed by a team of dedicated Bowls Club hosts. With a welcome drink of fizz in hand, you will be shown to your reserved area and given your allocation of drink and food vouchers.

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Showcasing the very best street food traders in London, you and your team can choose a delicious meal to tickle those taste buds whilst embracing all that The Bowls Club has to offer. Fear not if you have food allergies, our handpicked food traders cater for all.

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With the smells, tastes and sounds of the summer oozing across The Bowls Club, you and your team will settle into your party with a nice crisp glass of wine and/or a cold beer as you celebrate being together in the sunshine.

Let our team of highly experienced mixologists quench your thirst with a selection of delicious summer cocktails, bubbles, ice cold beers and more from The Bowls Club’s expertly curated menu capturing tastes from around the world

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With bowl in one hand and drink in the other, now is your teams chance to show off your lawn bowls skills under the watchful gaze of Mr Benjamin Owls and our gamemasters; on hand to help with tips and tricks of the trade. In a short, fast form of the traditional game, the race to the jack is real.

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As darkness falls, your party now really gets started. Amongst the music, magic and live entertainment, your team can drink and eat to your hearts content in your reserved area whilst embracing all that is going on around you

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It’s a fun, colourful and wholly different celebration of summer, like no other event around.

It’s a simple game that is inclusive, requires no physical ability and is accessible to all.

It’s something new and competitive for your summer party.


It’s set in an iconic outdoor location situated in the heart of the city.

It’s the perfect alternative to traditional team-bonding activities.


It’s an active way of boosting moral and reconnecting with colleagues, clients and 
/ or business networks.

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Catering for groups of 8-499
Exclusive venue hire available

Only available during off-peak times

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50 mins bowling

2 drinks

1 main meal voucher

Live entertainment

Access to event
all day

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50 mins bowling

Welcome drink

3 drinks

1 main meal voucher 
1 dessert voucher
Live entertainment

Access to event all day

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50 mins bowling

Welcome Drink

5 drinks (wine/beer/softs)

1 main meal voucher 

1 dessert voucher

Premium Exclusive area for 3 hours guaranteed, dedicated host and table service

selection of team photos

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50 mins bowling

2 drinks 
(wine /beer/softs)

1 main meal voucher

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Subject to limited availability on specific dates

Live entertainment

Access to event 
all day

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50 mins of bowling


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Group Packages
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With embedded links to the London street food scene, The Bowls Club will be collaborating with some of the hottest up and coming street food vendors, bringing flavoursome and unique food to the masses.

Food and Drink
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Lawn bowls may seem as Rock’n’Roll as Coldplay and quinoa – but the public’s perception of this emblematic British game may soon change.


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old people: the original hipsters. so it's no surprise the quintessential game of lawn bowls is about to make its comeback with a 21st century spin thanks to live music, street food, cocktails and a high-stakes 'sudden death' finale. which is something the usual demographic actively doesn't want to happen. 



The Bowls Club LDN did a magnificent job hosting our company event. Atmosphere, aesthetic and level of customer service all on point. We loved the tequila stand! Bowls itself was a fab and unique activity and the MC provided super hilarious commentary throughout. Highly recommend and will be back!



Massive thank you to the Bowls Club LDN for hosting our networking event – it was a great success,  Everyone was surprised that a hidden gem could be found right in the middle of London – the perfect place to escape the office and spend some time in the sun with a few drinks while playing a relaxed game of lawn bowls (facilitated expertly by the Bowls Club LDN team).  I’m definitely keen to return to host more client events, and would like to bring my friends, too. Highly recommend!


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