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Battersea Park bowling green, 
Battersea Park,
SW11 4NJ.

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Unleash your summer spirit at The Bowls Club in Battersea Park! This July, we're bringing the heat with an electrifying fusion of classic lawn bowls, summer cocktails, and a whirlwind of entertainment. But we're not just about bowls - we're redefining the British summer experience!

Step into our vibrant English garden party, set against the picturesque greenery of Battersea Park. Prepare to be bowled over by an array of live performances, including DJ sets that will have you dancing, magicians that will leave you awestruck, and professional comedians to keep the laughter rolling.

From just £20pp, you're not just buying a ticket, you're securing your passport to an unforgettable summer day out. Kick off with a refreshing welcome cocktail, then explore a world of gourmet street food from renowned vendors, and immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of The Bowls Club.

We're conveniently nestled next to Battersea Park's transport links, making your epic day out just a short stroll away. So, gather your friends, lace up or remove your shoes, and prepare to create priceless memories together this summer.

The Bowls Club – where lawn bowls meet limitless fun! Hurry, these tickets are hotter than a July afternoon, so grab yours today!

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