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Finsbury Square Bowling Green,
Finsbury Square,

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Freshly cut grass beneath your feet, lawn bowl in one hand, an ice-cold drink in the other. Blue skies abound, it’s a breezy summer’s day and you’re surrounded by your friends and colleagues as soulful tunes echo around Finsbury Square. That distinctive chargrilled smell ambles enticingly over from the street food vendors, it wafts past your smiling faces across a busy bowling green and delicious cocktails quench your parched palate. It’s nearly the weekend, but it’s not… 


Set in the heart of the city, just a stones throw from Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Old Street and Bank tube stations, The Bowls Club invites you to celebrate your summer in style with friends, colleagues and loved ones between May and September for an outdoor event like no other around. 

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Catering for groups of 8-499
Exclusive venue hire available

Only available during off-peak times

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50 mins bowling

2 drinks

1 main meal voucher

Live entertainment

Access to event
all day

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50 mins bowling

Welcome drink

3 drinks

1 main meal voucher 
1 dessert voucher
Live entertainment

Access to event all day

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50 mins bowling

Welcome Drink

5 drinks (wine/beer/softs)

1 main meal voucher 

1 dessert voucher

Premium Exclusive area for 3 hours guaranteed, dedicated host and table service

selection of team photos

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50 mins bowling

2 drinks 
(wine /beer/softs)

1 main meal voucher

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Subject to limited availability on specific dates

Live entertainment

Access to event 
all day

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50 mins of bowling


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