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Set within an English country garden themed space in the heart of the City, The Bowls Club combines a short, fast form of lawn bowls, with summery cocktails, gourmet street food, DJs, comedians, actors, magicians, caricature artists and much much more. We offer companies like yours an inclusive, feel good environment for team building, networking and client entertainment; giving you and your team the ultimate day out.

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Engage in the time-honored British charm of lawn bowls, but with our vibrant modern twist. A perfect blend of heritage and contemporary flair

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Lawn bowls isn’t just a game; it’s an invigorating way to uplift spirits, boost morale, and rekindle bonds with colleagues and clients

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Break away from the cliché! Opt for an alternative to the usual indoor team-building activities and foster teamwork in a refreshing, outdoor setting. Lawn Bowls allows your teams to bond and play as one cohesive unit at the same time, forging memories together

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Delight your senses with an eclectic range of gourmet street food from one of our 3 traders, ensuring every bite is a journey of flavours.

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Indulge in artisanal summer cocktails, each a masterpiece concocted by our expert mixologists to refresh and exhilarate.

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With DJs setting the beat and magicians setting the wonder, every moment pulsates with energy and magic.

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Our team are highly experienced at creating incredible summer events. We take care everything for you so you can also enjoy the day with your team, all you need to do is get to us!

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Situated in the heart of London, The Bowls Club isn't just about our prime location. We're dedicated to celebrating responsibly, ensuring our festivities are eco-friendly.

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Catering for groups of 8-499
Exclusive venue hire available
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50 Mins Lawn Bowls 


4 Drinks 

( Beer, Wine, Single Spirt mixer, Soft )


1 Main meal

inc. Side


Live Entertainment 


Access To the Event all Day

£105pp +VAT 

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50 Mins Lawn Bowls 


6 Drinks 

( Beer, Wine, Single Spirit mixer, Soft )


1 Main meal 

inc. Side


Live Entertainment 


Access To the Event all Day


Premium Reserved Area 


Host for 2 hours 

£130pp +VAT 

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50 Mins Lawn Bowls 


Welcome Summer Cocktail on Arrival


6 Drinks 

( select Cocktails, Beer, Wine, Sngl Spirit mixer, Soft )


1 Main meal 

inc. Side


1 Alcoholic ice lolly ( alcohol free option available )


Live Entertainment 


Access To the Event all Day


Premium Reserved Area 


Host for 3 hours

£149pp +VAT 

Group Packages
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Step into a culinary adventure at The Bowls Club! Tied to the heartbeat of London's vibrant street food culture, we've partnered with the city's most exciting and avant-garde vendors. Prepare to indulge in an unforgettable gourmet street food experience, serving up bold and innovative flavours.


Sip your way through The Bowls Club's exceptional drink selection! Rooted in the pulse of London's dynamic beverage landscape, we've curated concoctions with the city's top mixologists and drink artisans. Dive into a captivating array of crafted cocktails, signature blends, and unique libations that are both refreshing and exhilarating.

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Food and Drink
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Step through our , you and your party will be welcomed by our team of dedicated Bowls Club hosts. It is time to get the days activity into full swing, you will be shown to your reserved area and given your allocation of drink and food vouchers using our new RFID electronic voucher system.

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Showcasing the very best gourmet street food traders in London, you and your team can choose a delicious meal to tickle those taste buds whilst embracing all that The Bowls Club has to offer. Fear not if you have food allergies, our handpicked food traders cater for all.

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With the smells, tastes and sounds of the summer oozing across The Bowls Club, you and your team will settle into your party with a nice crisp cold drink as you celebrate being together in the sunshine.

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Dive into a world of flavours with our expert mixologists! From zesty summer cocktails to crisp cold beers, The Bowls Club serves up a host of tastes to quench every thirst in the summer sun.

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With bowl in one hand and drink in the other, now is your teams chance to show off your lawn bowls skills under the watchful gaze of Mr Benjamin Owls and our gamemasters; on hand to help with tips and tricks of the trade. In a short, fast form of the traditional game, the race to the jack is real.

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As darkness falls, your party now really gets started. Amongst the music, magic and live entertainment, your team can drink and eat to your hearts content in your reserved area whilst embracing all that is going on around you

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